December 5, 2018

CCIE professional pitch day took place December 5, 2018. It was an exhilarating experience where students and partnering organizations were able to propose possible projects to work on for the spring semester. Students pitched project ideas to their fellow classmates . Kariel Bennet, a senior at Chicago Quest, states, "Honestly, my classmates Diamond and April have grown so much in this program. Their social venture is incredible and they were very confident presenting in front of so many people. My favorite community pitch was the mayoral election idea from Teach Plus. I definitely think its a great idea for students to have our voices in local politics. I would love to have another chance to network more with the partners."

Monthly Leaks focuses on providing menstrual pads and tampons to women in both the jail and prison systems . This is was one of 10 student proposed projects. Many students connected personal experiences to the creation of there projects, and while presenting the passion they had vibrated through the space.

Lahari Goud