Seniors Pitch Restaurants for Lunch Deals


To kick of the year and to understand the design thinking process, our CCIE consultants created and pitched the idea of having off-campus lunch to their principal. The consultants brainstormed multiple pitches for off-campus lunch, roleplayed their pitches (focus group testing), and gathered feedback. The Senior Student Government pitched the final version to the principal and the class was awarded an opportunity to have off-campus lunch.

Once that consultants had off-campus lunch, they realized how expensive it really is. They brainstormed ideas of how they could make it more affordable and decided to try and establish discounts with local restaurants.

Teams of consultants identified restaurants to pitch to, determined their ask, wrote pitches, practiced and revised their pitches through role playing, and identified deliverables. Teams visited the restaurants and pitched their discount ideas to the managers.

Many of the restaurants they approached agreed to have either meal deals for the students of CQ or discounts for anyone with a CQ ID.

Lahari Goud