CCIE Escape Rooms


October 30, 2018

On October 30th and 31st CCIE consultants hosted two Halloween themed escape rooms. They created the theme, puzzles, budget, and were in charge of marketing. The morning cohort drew inspiration from hit series The Walking Dead naming their adventure the same title. Upon entering players were greeted by a host that introduced the first puzzle; solving a math equation to get the digits that unlock the door to begin the activity.

The afternoon cohort constructed a Unicornatopia that followed a storyline of a unicorn princess being captured and kept in a haunted place. Participants were hand cuffed together and greeted With whimsical children music until they solved the first puzzle of unlocking themselves. At this point the music changes to horror induced beats and the adventure began.

Leading up to the big day students were broken up into teams and roles. Some students had multiple roles. Sandra Assan worked on creating puzzles, script writing, set design and on the day of acted as a unicorn greeter. She states, “The fact that worked on multiple teams and had an acting role in this project was amazing. My classmates and I had disagreements ..., but by the end it all came together... Giving students the opportunity to work collaboratively and in silos helps develop 21st century learning skills; while, helping students identify preferred working environments.

This event was done in partnership with Blue Lacuna and was open to all Blue Lacuna members.

From data collected in student reflections students mention the difficulty in group projects: They learned task management skills, aspects of collaboration, details of operations and evaluation. "It was a new experience for me and I loved it." Katrina Locust stated when reflecting on her experience. The closing remarks from Sandra, " I look forward to continuing learning with projects because I believe in what we are doing!"

Lahari Goud