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The CCIE Blog

On our blog you can find up to date content from staff and students. We feature events, outings, presentations, and student profiles. A team of CCIE students curates and works as the editorial team.

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 The CCIE Podcast

Danielle Griffin, the Director of Employee Engagement and our resident Podcast Master stops by the CCIE garage frequently to capture our students speaking about their projects, challenges, successes, and inspirations. Occasionally, she’s joined by our amazing partners as well. It’s a great way to hear first hand what it’s like to be a CCIE student.



Students work with LRNG to redesign a piece of the LRNG interface, in an effort to create a youth facing platform that delivers a positive and engaging youth experience as well as meet the expectations and needs of opportunity youth in Chicago. Through this experience, students will become experts in one or more categories of user experience on the LRNG platform.


Junkyrd and the Stitchgawd

Junkyrd is a brand dedicated to changing the fashion culture in Chicago by inspiring black teens to take ownership of their style by creating their own unique pieces of clothing. Through collaborations with Chicago designers and production houses, Junkyrd hosts events for teens to create their own pieces.


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