Partner Testimony

It has been truly amazing participating in this team of young people who came together with the goal of curating an art gallery from our life stories.
— Cedrick Fraley, READI
My organization tasked our team of students with collecting extensive qualitative data from high schoolers all across the city of Chicago, analyzing that data, and then streamlining the results to highlight intersecting student experiences that were transformed into an oped to send to the new Mayor. I was blown away by their hard work.
— Sarah Campbell, TeachPlus
It’s been incredible to attend all of the CCIE events and to watch my team grow over the course of the year. I’m so happy to see this program in action. I only wish CCIE was around when I was in high school. It would have transformed my own experience.
— David Mabry, LRNG

Why partner with CCIE consultants?

Do you wish you had more time to work on that great idea that would improve your organization’s impact, efficiency or customer experience?

Imagine you had a team that could focus on your amazing challenge or opportunity.

  • CCIE student consultants bring new, youthful ideas and fresh eyes, along with creative design thinking and hard work to find a solution to your challenge or opportunity

  • CCIE student consultants thrive when working on authentic, real-world projects that impact people and communities

  • CCIE student consultants earn high school credit as they designing solutions by mastering content knowledge, core competencies and 21st Century skills

What makes a good CCIE partner?

  • Invested in developing the future workforce

  • Able to commit one hour per week for project meetings

  • Supportive of unanticipated, real-world project developments

Interested in Partnering with CCIE?

Propose your organizational opportunity or challenge and our faculty and students will do the rest. Become a partner today by contacting Lahari Goud at

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