The Student Experience

The purpose of the CCIE experience is to engage teams of high school seniors in 6-10 week long projects based on authentic problems and topics alongside community partners that reflect the diversity of workplace experiences. The transformative CCIE program engages, challenges, and prepares students to impact their communities and the world as consultants, problem-solvers, designers, critical-thinkers, and innovators.




I believe the impossible is possible


I am not afraid of public speaking


I see how projects bring us all together


I am college ready


I pitched my social venture to a packed room, and it was amazing


I gained new skills and interests




Student & Parent Handbook

Learn about our values, norms, and expectations for participating in the CCIE program.

Projects 18/19

Read this guide to see the projects from last year to get a better sense of what has come before, and what you have the chance to improve and expand upon!


CCIE Dream Canvas

Learn about what drives our learning model, and how students thrive when given ownership of their education.

CCIE Podcast

Hear from past students about their successes, challenges, and growths over the course of their CCIE experience.