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What is your favorite memory from CCIE?


Tashayla Baker

CCIE Youth Advocate

My favorite moment from CCIE has been interacting with students during senior registration at the beginning of the school year. Being around students who are passionate and full of energy is super inspiring. It is always exciting to start the school year off with students that are motivated and ready to take on new challenges.

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Manager of Impact

It's difficult to zero in on one specific memory, which I think speaks to the abundance of dazzling moments that transpire in the everyday interactions between CCIE community members. There have definitely been some special "frozen in time gotta pinch myself experiences" that I've felt grateful to witness at our student designed events. The Monthly Leaks Tea Party Donation Drive was the culmination of such arduously beautiful collaboration, growth, and creativity. When the keynote speaker, Rep. Litesa Wallace got stuck in traffic, the team's leader improvised by establishing an impromptu panel discussion to buy time. The whole team confidently approached the front of a packed room, microphones in hand, and adapted to the revised plan. Each member shared the stage, charismatically spoke of their personal journey while working on the project, and supported one another throughout the evening. It was pretty spectacular.


Lahari Goud

Co-Founder and EXECUTIVE Director

CSO of Civitas

All of them! The year was overflowing with favorite moments, most of which had to do with watching the adults step back into a “guide on the side” role while our students jumped into incredible leadership and collaborative opportunities. There were so many times when I was blown away by the growth of students over the course of the year while public speaking, launching social ventures, leading their teams, running meetings, supporting each other, and organizing events to spread awareness for their causes. Watching Team Abandoned accept an award of recognition from the Chicago Architectural Biennial BP Student Design Competition was amazing. The confidence that the team exuded was incredible to watch, especially when they shared their idea with members of the Obama Foundation, who praised their project about combating gentrification by bridging the adventure gap. That is truly something I will never forget.


LeeAndra Khan


CEO of Civitas

My favorite moment from CCIE was pitch day. It was such a pleasure to see the beginnings of the program come to life. The pitches were authentic, personal and impactful. It was a pivotal moment in my year and career.

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Matsuo Marti

Director of Impact

Because I have discovered CCIE is my meraki, there are too many memorable moments to pick just one. I do think it is important to highlight that just as CCIE is transforming learning experiences for students, the adults are also experiencing an educational paradigm shift. Our CCIE team values strong, supportive relationships that are critical for educational revolutionaries. We work hard to build a healthy, learning community that reflects, challenges, and inspires. And, at the same time, we strive to understand and accept divergent views, demonstrate compassion, and lead with empathy.