We Are Education Revolutionaries



Reimagining the future by revolutionizing education to...


Embolden courageous leaders to discover their unique talents, interests, and passions through inspired community projects, challenges, and opportunities.

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Reimagining High School


Civitas Education Partners is re-imagining high school through the Civitas Community Impact Experience (CCIE). This authentic learning opportunity challenges and prepares students to impact their communities and the world as activists, problem-solvers, designers, critical-thinkers, and innovators. CCIE students work collaboratively and use their own interests and passions to solve challenges pitched by community organizations, businesses, or student ventures.

Students earn high school credits in Statistics, English, Global Studies and Work Experience as part of the program through their project based learning.


When CCIE students graduate they are...



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Graduates grapple with the complexities of history, make connections to current events, and reflect on the choices they confront today. They develop how they can make a difference with nuanced and effective solutions to local and global challenges.


Identity affirmed

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Graduates are comfortable in their own skins, self-aware, and socially confident. They interrogate their own stories, operate with an equity-first lens, and build empathy with people across lines of difference.


Joyful problem solvers


Graduates use their passion to initiate and build deep relationships. They see the growing potential of themselves and others and are optimistic about what they can create through collaboration. They are eager to solve complex problems and are familiar with the tools and frameworks associated with human centered design and recognize that real world trial and error is a faster route to progress than siloed conversation.


Navigators of a changing world

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Graduates are curious knowledge seekers that continually scan and make sense of the world around them. They develop habits around goal setting, planning, doing and reflection that result in ambitious short- and long-term plans for education and work that they are uniquely suited to pursue.

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What We Believe


Student Led & Connected Learning

Students learn best when they are owners of their knowledge and their educational journey.


1. Relationships

Relationships are fundamental to learning, and CCIE intentionally builds bonds between students, their peers, facilitators, clients, and mentors. Through consistent engagement in different contexts, students build lasting networks.

2. Opportunities

Exposure to a variety of careers, organizations, and experiences assist students in learning more about themselves, their life goals, as well as their passions.

3. Interests

By focusing on projects and content that directly correlates to student passions and interests, CCIE students rapidly explore multiple subjects, and gain a deeper understanding of their personalized activist vision.


 Year One Snapshot


By the Numbers



Successful completed projects



Average GPA increase per student



Acceptance rate to college



CCIE High school Graduates




Completion of Core Standards


As We Continue to Grow

Join us as a partner, a mentor, a contributor, or an advocate! CCIE is a community, and we invite you to connect with us on the education revolution journey.

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